Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cocktail of the Week: Lakeside Lemonade @ Landmarc

Introducing the Liquor-ish blog's newest rubric: Cocktail of the Week! Every week I will post a favorite quaff of mine that I experienced while eating and drinking my way through NYC and other points in my travels. The first installment is the Lakeside Lemonade at Landmarc (10 Columbus Circle), created by David Lombardo, the restaurant's wine and beverage director. As you'll see, the recipe is pretty straight forward and includes only two ingredients:

Fresh lemonade
44 Degree North Huckleberry Vodka

After ordering two or three (truth be told, I don't remember, I lost count!), I grabbed my phone and began searching for a liquor store in NYC that sold huckleberry vodka. As some of you may know, I became obsessed with huckleberries during a ski trip to Wyoming earier this year and brought back everything huckleberry I could find (tea, honey, preserves, taffy, etc.). I remember seeing huckleberry vodka at a Jackson Hole liquor store, and have been kicking myself every since for not buying a bottle. Amazingly, Columbus Circle Wines & Spirits, a liquor store on the opposite side of Columbus Circle from Landmarc, carries 44 Degree North, so I dragged my drinking companions over there to buy a bottle so I could re-create this delicious tipple at home. I mixed it up a bit by muddling a handful of frozen blueberries to give it a nice purple color. Cheers!

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